Happy St. Patrick’s Day (sort of…)

Being half Irish (my mother actually did come over on the boat!), I’d like to clarify a little fact about St. Patrick’s Day.

Ireland’s patron saint died c.461 a.d. and, as only they can do so well, the Irish split up into two factions, one arguing that St. Pat died on March 8 and the other swearing that it was March 9. They actually started killing each other over the argument.

It was decided to have the Roman Catholic Church in Rome decide who was right. The church finally declared that March 17 (8 + 9 is 17) to officially be St. Patrick’s Day, giving neither side the advantage. True story, no blarney.

So, just to play it safe, I try to imbibe on all three days!!!!!

Rick v’O’n Holdt
The Foolproof Press

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I’ll raise a glass of Jamesons to that!

Denny O’Crnkovic