Ink Can lids

Just saw the post on Zip Inks. I just purchase a couple of cans of oil based inks and really like the ink. The question I have is how best to get the lid off with out damaging it. Is there a tool for it? I’m using a screw driver which is not the best! Thanks.

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VanSon Ink has a tool for it.


image: openers.jpg


Thanks Much! I’ll check it out.

The text is in German, but the pictures speak for themselves:

Try a Craftsman Paint Can Opener

in Chrome, and click on “translate”. Google translate does a reasonably good job.

Also you can use a flat head screwdriver (or chisel but you may damage chisel). The trick is twisting not prying. So you put the flat head tip between the lid and base (perpendicular to the can and parallel to the lid) then twist. Then move a little ways along the lid and repeat.