blade for Shneidewend Reliance paper cutter

Greetings everyone,
I found a nice Reliance paper cutter in my home town and rolled it a mile home with my pallet mover. Attaching picture. It is the 23” inch model. Does anyone have a spare blade they would sell me? It is the 4-hole type, with 5 7/8” between each hole. The blade length looks to be about 26” - 27”.

Apart from that option, where might I purchase a new or used blade for the 23” Reliance cutter? It dates to before 1911. Many thanks in advance for any help,

John Jenkins
Oak Root Press

image: Reliance-paper-cutter.jpg


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It actually takes five bolts if it is like mine. I think the REL-01 knife will fit—you’d have to check with the blade manufacturer to make sure:

Ah, yes, you are right —- 5 bolt holes. Thanks for the link