Chandler and Price Factory Photos

Chandler and Price interesting photos printed from 100 year old glass negatives. Go to Flickr and “Chandler and Price Factory Photos” More to come later.

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Great stuff! These photos are way cooler than I thought they’d be!


Very cool! I have driven by where the factory was a few times just to see if I can pick anything out. Every once in a while I get on a kick to see what I can find out about C&P but am surprised how little information is out there given how long they were in business.

Technut27 I see that you are close to Cleveland. We are setting up a Chandler and Price display at The Morgan Paper Conservatory on 47st, 8 blocks from the old Chandler and Price Factory and trying any to get all the information we can get. Chandler and Price is not even
listed in Cleveland history even as they made about
100,000 presses. If you have any further interest please
let me know.

Great photos. Thanks for sharing. I have been trying for months to locate where the Chandler & Price factory was. Is the building still standing? If so, where is it in Cleveland?

The address I have seen on their material is 6000 Carnegie Avenue in Cleveland. Not sure if this link to google maps will paste in here,

Its right next to the abandoned Westinghouse factory and Warner & Swasey Co. building.

The site appears to be occupied by a storage company these days. I don’t know if that building is from C&P or not, they were around since the turn of the century and it doesn’t look like an old factory building. The company has almost vanished except for the presses that are still around.

I’ve been thinking about taking a day and going to Cleveland State’s library and the Cleveland Public Library main branch downtown to their photo archives to see what they have buried.

I’ve looked and photographed around the area several times and don’t believe the buildings are still standing. C&P had quite a big factory complex at their height with about 6 additions to the facilities. I’ve seen no sign of any older buildings that are that large in that specific area. It’s a shame if the place is entirely gone.