Boxcar bases and Showcards

Is anyone using the above? Are you using the Deep Relief base or their Standard? What kind of results do you get with hand inking with a brayer?

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We have used a standard base, lino blocks and a wood base shimmed to type high on our Showcard. All worked well. Never have seen the need or tried our Deep Relief Base. Because the Showcard is a flatbed cylinder press the impression is similar to a Vandercook. Of course the hand inking has to be done correctly to achieve good prints.

I have a Showcard Model B, and because I can adjust the impression, I often use a lino block with my photopolymer plate mounted on top. Right now, I don’t have the budget for a large Boxcar Base, Standard or otherwise, so I make do with what I have. I usually put a top sheet or a felt blanket on top of my paper when I pull a print, and that seems to help get a good impression on the pieces I want to see that on.

Inking by hand can be a challenge, and my suggestion if you’re using photopolymer is to ask Boxcar to “save the edges” for you and use those edges as roller bearers on your base. I swear it will save your sanity!

I always forget to ask for the edges on my plates, and always kick myself after a couple dozen hand-inked impressions.

I’m glad I’m not alone. Haha. I get so tired of cleaning my ink smudges if I don’t have edges as roller bearers! They seriously keep me a happy printer!

Can you post a picture of how you use the extra PP as bearers? Thanks!

Yes! I’ll take a photo tonight to give you an idea of what I’m talking about! :)

You just strip them right down parallel to the direction that the inking roller will travel, and make sure they’re a little bit away from your plate.