Trying to ID a very old press

Wondering anyone can ID this press it measures 16x30. It’s a very cool old press cast-iron with oak boards. Thanks in advance.Dave

image: back1.jpg


image: front1.jpg


image: roller1.jpg


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I believe, from previous threads here on BP, that the problem with identifying presses of this type is, in many cases, that the manufacturer would apply a range of different names, of customers and resellers alike. This means that if there *is* a name on it, it is often not that of the manufacturer.

Perhaps more likely to be identifiable since it has the full table, with some rather characteristic legs.

Google ‘galley proofing press’ and you will find a few pics of similar models.

Already googled it based on what it is. Legs are kind of interesting and it has no name of course that I can see. No big deal I plan on using it. It is always fun to know who made something and when. I hoped maybe it would ring a bell with someone.

Your press is identified in Hal Stern’s Catalog of Nineteenth Century Printing Presses ; 2nd revised ed. It was made by A & B Newbury. Page 167 shows photo, and pg 209 provides further description. Anyone wishing to identify presses should own this book as it is a wealth of information.

Thank you so much. Does that book indicate when it was made (year range etc.)?

Butch has an eagle eye, I didn’t spot it.

image: Newburytext.jpg


image: Newbury.jpg


I’m not seeing the picture of it for some reason just another style press in the picture, but it certainly sounds like this press style and size. That book looks very cool. I love old presses and machinery. I am going to get a copy of it. Thanks again. Dave

The text is from page 209

That makes sense any chance you could post page 167?

From page 167

image: Newburydiag.jpg