380V to 200V

Hi everyone,

I have a question regarding a printing press that has 380V. Is there any option to ‘convert’ or ‘transform’ it to 220V and what these options might be. Does anybody had any experience doing so? Or is it better to move it in a workspace with 380V and do not try to ‘convert’ it?

Thank you in advance.
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p.s. In case this topic has already been discussed (but I didn’t find it), please send me a link. Thanks.

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What is the press? If it’s the motor that is 380v it can often be rewired to 220v at double the amperage. Just depends on the press/motor.


Hi Brad,

thanks for your reply! This give me a bit of hope :)
Well, it is a FAG press (it is similar to Vandercook).


Check the plate on the motor. There may be wiring diagrams for high and low voltage. I don’t see too many FAG presses in the US. Where are you located?


Thanks for the tip! I’ll check it out.
True, many of these presses are still in Europe (I live in Belgium). In fact there is a website dedicated to FAG presses http://proofpress.ch/, maybe I should have a closer look on it…


If you live in Belgium, you do not want to rewire it yourself,
hire a electrician, that is what they;re for and you don’t violate the law of zwartwerk.

Yes. Always hire an electrician—especially when working with high voltage.

What’s the law of zwartwerk?


@typenut & dicharry off course I would hire an electrician, as I never had any intentions of doing it on my own (geen zwartwerk:).