New Letterpress Paper

A new letterpress specific paper was announced today from Strathmore, a well-known name in paper. This may be of interest:


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INteresting. Less expensive than Lettra (especially in small quantities). I wish they had a double-thick weight. Gotta get some samples and test it.

I also see that Basis has a new very inexpensive letterpress paper. 110lb cover, 80lb cover and 70lb text. White and natural white. Has anyone tried this paper yet?

Where can I purchase the new line of strathmore papers?

They’re not available yet, as far as I can tell. This is just the announcement that they’re coming.

Michael Hurley
Titivilus Press
Memphis, TN

The Strathmore papers are listed on If you search by paper, select “Strathmore Pure Cotton”, and, under “Finish,” select “Letterpress.” I just ordered a ream to test it out.

It is sort of pricey- its $18.00 a ream (125- 8.5x11) more than lettra. And more than double the price for the 26x40. I love a nice paper- and really am not happy with how the ink lays on the lettra- but the price is what drives my customers.

I love that there are color options available - I print a lot with kraft and their “chino” seems perfect, but is anyone else annoyed that there’s no sample book available and you’d have to order a ream or a parent sheet of each to see the colors? Anyone find a sample book out there on the interwebs?

I wrote to the rep about a sample book and she replied not yet ready but you can order indiv pieces as samples. I suggest you contact one of their folks through the site and ask for some.