Cleaning a Pot Devin

So, I bought a pot devin (6” Counterboy Label Paster) to try out a quicker method of duplexing. I don’t print larger than about 6x9” because of my press’ limitations so I figured it would work for what I needed - plus duplexing larger presents more warping and curling issues. It wasn’t particularly expensive, so I thought that even though it was small it was worth trying. I would have liked a larger one to use to glue book cloth for binding, but they are just too expensive.

I took the whole thing apart and cleaned it best I could, removing and inspecting each piece to make sure I understood how it worked. I feel very comfortable with it now and will oil the ports an grease the gears at the shop now that they are clean. I also plan to get a new feed table machined for it and a belt. (I will probably install a removable handle so I can run it by hand too should the motor make it too speedy. I’ve heard some people have trouble with these because the paper shoots out too fast and it’s hard to keep glue from getting everywhere).

My questions for those of you who have these machines -

1. How do you clean it? Mine didn’t seem to have an easy way of pulling the roller assembly out, I had to remove the side gears with an allen wrench, pull them off in order and then unscrew the assembly. If I have to do this every time, it’s going to be a huge pain.

2. What sort of glue do you prefer with these? I was just planning to use PVA because the glue sold by the Pot Devin company is mighty costly, and PVA can be soaked off with water.

image: Screen Shot 2014-06-05 at 8.19.01 AM.png

Screen Shot 2014-06-05 at 8.19.01 AM.png

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In response to a helpful comment I was sent, I’m going to clarify that my unit comes apart like this - the actual pot part is not connect to the motor and just lifts away. Maybe this clarification picture will help someone searching the archives in the far future.

image: photo.JPG