Kelsey 3x5

Hi, I just got a Kelsey 3x5 as a gift (I’m used to larger presses so this is all new to me.) I’ve figured out how to put most of it together, but the chase and platen don’t meet up flush-are they supposed to? Am I crazy? What am I doing wrong? Any help would be appreciated as I’m excited to have my own press!

image: photo-2.JPG


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Ummm. Picture a form of type locked in the chase. Hint: typeheight) :o)

As the Good Buddy above implies, picture it with a forme in,!!
But better still sit it up high (tabletop etc) without a forme or chase in at all, (looking side view/eye level), put it into the impression position proper, there should be a visible/appreciable gap between the platen proper, (with or without packing) and the bed proper, bearer rails???
I have every size of our U.K. Adana,s on sight, in every case the gap on impression is at least 6 point. + one extra test, maybe with an extra pair of hands, without a chase in, with just one piece of wood type, or metal, or a small block/cut, ascertain how much or how little clearance there is in the impression position, (i.e. between the platen and the rails) >>should equate to (approximately) the amount of packing eventually required,.and still leave a gap, otherwise the frisket fingers, (if fitted) will be trapped.
Perhaps the impression screws are too far in,?.
My best shot, Good Luck. Mick.

The chase is supposed to be quite a bit lower than the printing surface, so it doesn’t print. The best way to judge the platen adjustment is to put some type-high pieces (type or small cuts) in the chase, preferably at the corners, and close the press. The bare platen should just miss touching all four pieces, or with a minimum of packing should just touch them. It looks in the photo like the platen is about right.