Neuland & Neuland Inline

Does anyone have a Klingspor type specimen book that has the original 1923 offering of Neuland and Neuland Inline? I’m not sure they both came out together.

I need a fairly high-resolution scan of those alphabets for a project we are doing at Lead Graffiti. I don’t want to use a digital version of the typeface as most of what I’ve seem is a much more ‘refined’ version. I’m looking for the rawness that I see in the original version.

I’ve gathered some sources and can likely reproduce most of it, but a high-resolution (600 dpi) of the typeface would help me out a lot.

I’ll repay you for the effort with a poster or two.

I also need this ASAP.

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The Klingspor versions of Neuland and Neuland Inline are far superior to the Monotype version. The Klingspor fonts are unique for each size. Koch cut the punches by hand, having no pattern to go by in front of him. A careful look and you will discover very distinct character differences in each size, which really adds to the “rawness” and energy of this face.

Baltotype chose only one size of Neuland and pantographically enlarged and reduced it for each of their sizes and therefore it is not at all as interesting as the “real” thing. Their version of Neuland Inline is also based on this single design AND they actually made white line slightly wider than the Klingspor version. I have a fair run of Klinspor’s original Neuland but alas my Neuland Inline is the Baltotype version.

So…. a digital version of Neuland will not do justice to the original either UNLESS there is a specific digital design for EACH specific size.

Sorry to make this much more complicated for you.

I’m very busy getting ready to go to the APA Wayzgoose but I’ll try to remember to dig out a piece that I printed maybe 18 years ago that incorporates many of the different sizes/cutting of Neuland and I’ll mail that to you after I get back home in a week or so.

One other very cool tidbit is that the O is cast on a square body so it can actually be rotated and printed in four different positions, each aligning but looking different from the others (you’ll see that in my printed piece).


I have a 1937 copy-fitting book that has Neuland in several sizes of what I assume is the full alphabet. I’ll go scan it and send it to you tomorrow to your website’s email address. It doesn’t have the Inline version. Hopefully it will be useful to you even if it isn’t the original version.