Steel Bars Measured in Picas

Can someone please tell me what these bars are used for. My guess is that they are used within a chase perhaps to create a smaller frame. They are marked in picas. Thank you

image: Metal Bars - 01.jpg

Metal Bars - 01.jpg

image: Metal Bars - 02.jpg

Metal Bars - 02.jpg

image: Metal Bars - 03.jpg

Metal Bars - 03.jpg

image: Metal Bars - 04.jpg

Metal Bars - 04.jpg

image: Metal Bars - 05.jpg

Metal Bars - 05.jpg

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Sorry, I responded to your second posting which didn’t have the photos. This is modular furniture which can be used to fill large spaces in a chase.


That’s great to know. I have pieces from 10 picas to 60 picas. Thanks Bob!