Moving a board shear

I’m looking on moving a board shear and am seeking advice since I’ve never moved anything so large.

Shear has a cast iron top (as opposed to some that have wood) and is 4’4” x 6’ at its largest dimensions. Currently it is on ground level in a garage. The building it is going to has a truck level height loading dock or one can drive a truck less than 10’ tall into another section of the loading area and unload things that way. The building has some storage units so people often pull in the loading area and unload their possessions onto carts. Hope this makes sense but if not please ask me to clarify.

Ideally I do not want to take parts off of the board shear. The person who is selling it has maintained it in excellent condition and I do not want to fuss with making adjustments when trying to put pieces back on. And, although I’ve used board shears in school, I’ve never owned one and therefore my expertise in the fine adjustment of shears is lacking.

I’ve been told the board shear weighs about 700 lbs. The distance between the boards shears current and future home is a 4 hour drive.

Please let me know what is the best, safest, and most practical way to move this thing. The owner has been quite kind in keeping it at her place until I get this moving thing sorted out. I’m sure some of you out there must have had experience in moving something like this, I look forward to hearing from you.


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Board shears are fairly easy to shift. However with no pics I cannot ascertain exactly what it is to give advice.
It does sound like you are fairly worried about moving this thing. As a professional mover my advice is to engage someone to help shift it.
They are a technically very basic bit of kit and taking them apart doesnt require a lot of readjustment when reassembling.
If its the type I have shifted, remove the counterweight, remove the curved arm that carries the blade.
The bed of the board shear is probably bolted from underneath and can also be removed. You should be left with a base that 2 men can easily carry.
If you dont want to strip it, a pallet truck (pallet jack) should be enough to lift it. Hire a van with a tail lift or a tilting trailer to load up.
Its not a difficult task, but I repeat if you are worried about this at all, do not do it yourself to save money. Spend the cash on a competent mover who will be experienced and insured.
Good luck,