gripper bars

One year ago I bought an heidelberg windmill 10x15 red ball. I spent a lot of time cleaning it and then trying to understand its mechanism. These days I’ve been finally trying some letterpress printing.
I’ve figured out that gripper arms are not exactly the same: one has a closed empty rectangle on its end, the other has the same empty space but no small bar to close it (see pictures attached). I suppose this space is to allow the side guide to open the gripper so the paper is released. Do you know if this difference between both gripper arms is normal? Is this small bar useful or can I remove it? It appears that the gripper arm without this small bar is the one that better register…

Thanks for your help, I hope this is clear enough.


image: DSC_8781_1.jpg


image: DSC_8779_1.jpg


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We find that grippers without the bridge can leave marks on softer stock.