Machining 10x15 ink fountain

The previous owner of my press really beat up the ink ductor roller (T0801) on my Heidelberg platen. Digging the keys in deep enough and long enough to score it pretty badly.

Has anybody successfully used (or has a machinist use) a lathe to take this roller down to a new smooth surface?

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I cannot see why it wouldn’t work- you would want to have it ground though (using a grinding wheel attachment on a lathe), not machined (which would imply using cutting tools); it’s a more precise way of completing this operation.

The ink doctor on the h/platen is hard chromed, so after grinding it must be rechromed to stop rusting & scratching etc.

One thing in machining down a fountain roll is that whatever is machined off will reduce the diameter of the roller by twice the amount (so .005 removal = .010 size reduction. If too much is taken off, the blade will have a hard time reaching the roller, without having the keys turned in more than usual.

If the fountain roller is too small, it may be necessary to make a new fountain blade. C&P used unplated spring steel, or something close to that.

I don’t know how deeply scored your roller is, but mine is scored a bit as well, and it doesn’t seem to present any problems with inking. Can you attach a photo?

If you go down the path of making this repair, instead of machining below the original diameter, the part should be built up via thermal spraying and then machined to the correct dimension.

We did this to the metal fountain rollers on one of our engraving presses very successfully.