Vandercook SP-15 Minimum Dimensions

Anyone aware of the smallest dimensions a Vandercook SP-15 can handle? I’ve printed 8”x8” no problem. Could it hand 5.5 x 5.5?

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The SP-15 was available with two different gripper bar configurations and the two have differences in the number of grippers and sheet guides. How far apart are the grippers and end guides on your press?

I’d suggest not printing a sheet that can’t go against two of the sheet end guides and also be held by two of the grippers.


Hey DGM. It’s actually the SP-15 at The Arm. Pretty sure it’s 1 sheet guide over there, but you’d prob know better than me what the space between the grippers is.

If the stock isn’t already 5.5 x 5.5, you can run it 2-up at 11 x 5.5 and the 11” side will hit two stops and two grippers (AND the side guide) with no problem no matter which gripper bar layout.
You don’t even have to run a 2-up form, just do a work-and-whirl imposition, with the form butting to the center line, then swing the sheet around 180 degrees for the second pass, and a single cut afterwards.

Hi Daniel,
Here you can see the two versions of the SP15 gripper bar. I would suggest you book our press B if you are printing narrower sheets- you’ll be able to reach two of the sheet end guides instead of just one.


image: photo (30).JPG

image: photo (29).JPG

DGM, Is the C comparable to the B? Used the C numerous times and while it may be all in my head, I love it oh so much.

Imp, thanks for the thought!

I like that press a lot too! It is a Universal I, not an SP, but it has the additional grippers and sheet end guides to allow for printing of narrower sheets.