Florida Visit

Letterpress proprietress looking to visit Letterpress printers while in Florida beginning July 28th! Please contact me if you have any type or misc equipment for sale or if I can visit your Shop, prefer east coast or central.

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you can visit my shop, I’m on the east coast, just south of Boston.

Boston, Florida?

I’m in Lakeland, between Tampa and Orlando, if you’d like to visit.

Bob, they did say east coast?

Dick, look back at the original posting — she said “while in Florida … prefer east coast or central”. I know you’d like to be in Florida for the winter, but… :-)


Bob, if they are coming from out west traveling over 1000 miles then Boston doesn’t seem that far from Florida.

Hehehe Dick! You are always telling me that … even though I am from Colorado, I think you would tell me that Colorado is ONLY 4 hours to your place + I should stop by!!! I will keep that in mind. Thanks you guys. Lakeland might be doable!