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I bought a frozen up Peerless (NY) press a couple of months ago. Good news it is now free and almost everything is working. I’m looking for any information or drawigs on this press. It’s an 8 x 12 sn 8974. Any info would be better than what I have.

image: peerless 2 .JPG

peerless 2 .JPG

image: peerless 1.JPG

peerless 1.JPG

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John M. Jones of Palmyra NY manufactured about 16 different platen jobbers, most of which he invented, under 5 different companies between about 1868 and 1904, when he died. The Peerless-Gordon press, which is apparently what you have, was made by the Peerless Printing Press Co. from 1891-1900. As far as I know there aren’t many of them around any more — I have no idea how many were manufactured. Given the serial number (if that’s what it actually is) I would say that the company probably numbered everything they made in the same series. I would be surprised if they made 9000 of those presses, but it’s possible.


It has patent dates of Feb. 28, 1871 and May 20, 1873 cast into the plate between the roller arms. The other numbers along with the size are stamped in the top of the bed .

Does it say Peerless on it? Jones also made a very similar press he called the Jones-Gordon, which was earlier; the date I have for John M Jones Co was 1888, still not as early as your patent numbers. The Star and the Peerless were dated from the early 1870s. I don’t know when Gordon’s patents expired, but they would have limited Jones’s ability to patent that mechanism, unless he added something new and patented that. Looks like additional research is needed!


I have an 8 x 12 Peerless press also, but I haven’t got much more information than you.

I’m attaching images of my nameplates.

image: PeerlessPlaque2.jpg


image: PeerlessName1.jpg