Parts needed for Heidelberg original foil system

We are in need of the foil system parts that are located below the chase of a Heidelberg 10 x 15 windmill. We recently acquired a windmill with the heidelberg orginal foil system. However, it is missing the two rods below the chase and the parts needed to secure the rods to the press. The one rod is for mounting the roll of foil and the other keeps the foil parallel to the die. Does anybody have these parts or know where I can get these.


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Lutz Machinery ( [email protected] | (520) 417-9210 ) has replacement foil holders that will mount the roll under the chase for the factory system. I’ll warn you it isn’t cheap, $550, but it is very well made.

I looked for many, many months until someone suggested trying Lutz. A very difficult piece to find.