Identification of Woodtype from the UK

Recently I acquired these two Woodtype fonts from the UK. I would really like to be able to trace the name and origins of these two fonts if possible. On first inspection they both appear similar to some of ‘William Page’s 17 styles, designed for the die-cut types of Page and Setchell’ from Rob Roy Kelly’s “American Woodtype”, particularly the larger font which looks like no.500, a Latin derivative. This font has no maker’s mark. The second XXX Condensed font, whilst similar to the first one, seems to be derived from a Clarendon style and is stamped on the A’s with ‘Dellitle York’ mark. Any help would be sincerely appreciated. Thank you in advance.

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Here is the first lot…

image: Type 1.JPG

Type 1.JPG

Here is the second lot…

image: Type 2.JPG

Type 2.JPG

I have ‘flipped’ the fonts over in Photoshop for easier identification…I haven’t been ripped off and bought some backwards type ! ;)
The serifs on the first font are chisled ‘straight’ like a Latin and the serifs on the second font are ‘curved’ like a Clarendon.

I might have found one of the fonts just now although the image is low resolution so I cannot identify the actual font name. I found it on the internet from a Delittle specimen catalogue from 1936.
Delittle #52 (Condensed and maybe with another number to identify it as being condensed) ?

image: delittle_song.jpg


A picture of Delittle #52

image: Delittle 52.jpg

Delittle 52.jpg