Looking for Opinions

My daughter wants to set up her letterpress in the basement of her new (+100 year old) home.

She lives there with her husband and 3 month old twins.

I have some opinions about the risk factor involved for all parties concerned.

So, I am looking for opinions from the forum.
Is this a good idea or not?
and why…

Thank you all in advance

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A lot depends on what the “letterpress” consists of. A small tabletop lever press and some type in cases in a cabinet should not be a problem. A Heidelberg windmill and a complete platemaking shop would be a bit of a strain to install, but otherwise not a big problem either. A bit of forced ventilation of the work area to the outdoors would be a good idea for everyone’s health. The twins, as they get older, should be taught the avoidance of danger in whatever letterpress setup gets installed, which will probably change anyway as the system evolves.

If your daughter is enjoying the printing and wants to continue it, seems like a good idea to me.


Musings & Thoughts only, helping to revive and/or keep alive L/press has to be Good news and encouraged, but with safety in mind. I had been operating Hot Metal Monotype for 20 yrs + before H.& S. decided I may be taking in harmful fumes, the monitor confirmed just that, a little late perhaps, maybe vast amounts of milk have helped.??

Spent some time in Southern Sweden, although not particularly harsh climate over winter, their system for houses/dwellings, generally all seem to be constructed with basements below ground level, with the utility rooms all in the basement inc. Gas or Oil heating, greatly enhances hot water rising, but also allows, smells/fumes to rise as well, they seemed to have solved this by having a membrane, (Heavy Duty Polythene) at basement ceiling level, with an inbuilt rise to an extract unit, (as A.L.P. implies above) exhausting to the outside. At least where I was staying, was an old dwelling..
Could a variation of that be one partial answer.

L/press, from the smallest Table Top upwards, must involve some Fumes so Health must be the primary consideration, (bin there done that got the *T* shirt, but still vertical, just) bit short on lung capacity. Think of Me, perhaps as You and the Little ones Guinea Pig.
Look after the little ones, they have a long way to go, inc. coping with global warming and much more.!!!
Hopefully and Possibly encourage the new would be Printer, with
H. & S. Paramount, and if the Little ones want to follow on, possibly give them a shot, But SAFELY,
*Ars Artum Servatrix* needs all the support it can get.
*/* Our U. K. Typographical Association Motto, from 50/60 years ago.
Good Luck. Mick.