C&P with Kluge attachment. What should I do?

So I just picked up this C&P 10X15. It has the Kluge feeder for paper. I fired it off and it all works fine. Missing rollers and the single saddle holders. My question is should I remove the Kluge stuff to make it a manual feed or leave it intact? is there an interest in the letterpress community for leaving it on?

Edit: Serial number puts it at date 1917

image: 20140810_090930.jpg


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The press is certainly worth a bit more with the feeder thank without. If you are planning to print runs of greater than 200 or 300 pieces, the feeder will certainly be a great boon to you. It appears that all the feeder parts are intact.

When you purchased the press were you intending to use it or sell it at a profit?

J Henry

I stumbled upon this press for sale and bought it because it was only 8 miles from my house. I just couldn’t say no. I am open to selling it or may use it for printing just not sure yet.

the kluge feeder can be easily disconnected to allow hand feeding, I’d leave it on the press, I use my kluge for hand feeding the only problem is the grippers don’t release till the last second so I just remove the grippers.

We used to have one just like that, but we never used it for a production job, our runs are not usually more than a couple hundred. But they are really fun to watch run! I always liked the bell that would ring for each impression when the throw-off was engaged. The feeder always gave me trouble and we had the same debate, leave it as is or pull the feeder assembly off and make it a manual feed. I didn’t have the heart to part it out so we picked up another 10x15 at auction and donated the automatic to an artists group before I could rebuild the vacuum pump.

If it was 8 miles from me and the right price i probably would have picked it up too.