Setting up a Gold Boss unit


I’ve pieced together a Gold Boss foil setup and am having trouble with it. I have the unit with a cover over the Heidelberg ink cylinder that acts as a power strip and I need to confirm that it is wired correctly.

The heating plate has a 3-prong plug for the heating elements and a 2-prong, keyed plug for the thermistor. The ground of the 3-prong plug is not wired to anything.

This gives me four wires into the five-pin plug - two for the thermistor two for the heating elements.

What I need to know is what configuration these need to be in when attaching to the plug.

Is there anyone who might be of assistance with this?

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not sure if you are talking about 2 separate plugs or just one. if it is a 5 pin plug it should only plug in one way. test with power off. use volt meter to test for proper distribution