Counter for Gordon Old Style

I have a 7x11 Gordon Old Style—treadle operated and no throw-off. It does not have a counter on it, and I was curious if anyone has been able to add a counter. I can’t recall if there has to be a bracket on which to attach the counter. If so, I cannot find such a place on the press.

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i have atached counters with a regular calculator you type 1+ and then you need some part of the machine that touches the equal sign when the machine is closed or open this will increment your numbers each time it closes or opens

If it really is difficult to fit a counter, by virtue of the non availability of suitable mounting spot, maybe asses the following:- We inherited an unusual M/c.***see below*** Achieved our counter mechanism so, sourced Analogue counter, ex Monotype keyboard tap counter, Zero able, whenever.
Mounted it on the feed board, with tiny bracket and 2 wood screws, triggered it with a Tiny solenoid 12volt D.C. (small Auto battery and trickle charge occasionally)
Used the frame as Earth return, (exactly as in Cars/autos)
brought the Live (+) lead just up, and onto the side of the Platen, Isolated and Insulated, of course, but terminating in a tiny copper contact, with one minute self tapping screw, securing to the side of the platen.
At the point of impression, the copper contact, touched the main frame, completed the circuit back to the solenoid.?
Off and running, well counting anyway, one tiny Glitch, even with no forme in, running up ink or washing up, kept triggering, but unclipping a Crocodile clip from the battery etc.etc.
The counter was, free!! The solenoid and 2/3 yards of ex communications cable cost about £5 sterling, $8 - $9 U.S. dollars, ish,
After tiny failure? had to use communications cable, i.e. several internal copper strands, BUT wound with several strands of cotton, to withstand the flexing (+) where it was attached to the platen.

*** The Machine?? Acquired at auction, with no background, believed to be German, possibly, but although the Action was in essence C. &. P. style, it was hand fed as normal, but onto Lays acting as Grippers and then delivered to the rear and low down, akin to V.M. but under instead of over.
Probably Mission impossible, to identify, but we see some amazing results, from the Armchair Tecs.

Since presses like the o/s Gordon didn’t come with counters (nor brackets for them), the counter manufacturers like Redington made brackets to clamp on the press. I just swiped the below photo from one on eBay, it shows a typical counter and bracket for something like an o/s C&P, where it would have clamped on the impression arm, I think.

image: PressCounter.JPG


I have a Reddington Counter for sale if you are interested.

I have a short series of photos on how to mount Reddington counters to C&P NS presses on my Flickr stream:

Hopefully those are helpful.

Michael Hurley
Titivilus Press
Memphis, TN

I’ve an C&P oldstyle 7x11 ) made in 1913 (and it has the mount for the counter on the left side arm (see photo).

Can’t recall how it is sprung to engage the counter tho (off the top of my head). Pretty sure I have photos somewhere so I’ll search for them and post when/if I find them.

I can post more photos if needed.

image: CP03_640px.jpg


image: CP02_640px.jpg


image: CP01_640px.jpg