Form rollers on heidelberg

Ok experts this is a 3 part question about, you guessed it, form rollers.

1. My rollers have stopped self cleaning when I use the washup blade. I have a brand new blade but alas, is there an adjustment or a good old fashioned tip?

2. Crusty ink. Aside from my fingernail, is there a good way to remove these minute particles that occasional get stuck on the rollers?

3. Rubber. I’ve noticed that some of my rollers are hard rubber and some are soft. Why and does it matter where they go on the press?

looking forward to your replies,
thanks y’all

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Your own N.A Graphics, are quite clear about Wash up blades for H/berg Platens, plugging their own products etc, but referring to adjustable and one size fits all.?
Bedding in possibly.?
Some of my rollers, plural??? assuming that *Some* are the same as those posted on 12th March, suggest examine *All* closely, the 2 (two) pictured there/then are probably, (at some point) from different sources/suppliers. Certaintly mounted on different Lathes with contra rotating *Grinding Rig*

Look at the ends, pictured, they have at some point been, mounted, recovered, ground down, etc.on different *Rigs* (by default), possibly different source, maybe, different *Shure* hardness. Matched pairs, maybe.