Foiling unit for 10x15 windmill???

Hello all,

I am looking for some options for foiling on a 10 x 15 windmill. So far I have looked at the Tempress, which seems like the viable option but is very expensive. I am looking into the quick-foil 1500 and the gold boss but cant seem to find too much information on them such as their manufacturer or suppliers. And many of the foiling units, except the Tempress, require you to remove the roller arms which is something that I do not want to do. Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions. Any information would be very helpful.


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I am looking for a company that is Local (In the United States) if possible.

I have a Gold Boss on my windmill, I went with it because I didn’t want to remove the roller arms. They were made in Oregon, but I don’t think they are being made anymore.

Gold Boss units were made by Liepelt, but that company was liquidated by the IRS in a tax lein sale about 14 years ago. Subsequently, one of Liepelt’s employees started making the units under the name of Crocodile Industries in Dundee, Oregon, but that fellow died a year or two ago and the business was not continued. I own both the Gold Boss trademark and the Lieplet & Sons name that I bought from the IRS as part of the liquidation sale.

If you want to stay within the US I would contact Henry at Lutz Machinery and I think he may be able to help you out. He was very helpful in answering questions that I had with my old foil unit. I just don’t know how to run it! :0)

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Be aware that Lutz units require the removal of the side arms on a Heidelberg as Lutz units are side draw. Thus the press can no longer be used for inking for letterpress. This is a serious amputation as far as the press goes. Also, Henry died some years back and his son now runs the company.

I forgot to mention what Fritz said…..guess it depends how much you want to stay within the US as far as a foil unit goes and what you are willing to do to your press.

I did speak/email with a Henry in April of this year so maybe he is Henry Jr?. He was very helpful and patient on answering my questions.