Kimble Motor

I am looking for any info on these 2 Kimble motors I own. They came with my press and looks like they powered it. They are both variable speed and one has a plug and an aux. off/on switch and the other one is not wired with a plug or off/on switch.

The one with the plug does run. But it jacked up my power in my garage so I am hesitant to run it regularly.

Are the motors worth anything to anybody? I didn’t find much info on the interwebs on them.

Thank you

image: motor4.jpg


image: motor3.jpg


image: motor2.jpg


image: motor1.jpg


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From a purely age and efficiency point of view, if it were here in U.K. we would tend Not to use either, in favour of a far more modern type, as you have already observed, they pull a LOT of current, and if they are the type with brushes (carbon) especially the variable speed type, they tend to play havoc with sophisticated, electronic equipment, on the same line, curable with filters, possibly, and probably more complicated to reverse the rotation.
Modern motor, fraction of the physical weight, many many times more efficient.
WORTH, occasionally, little more than scrap price to a working museum that wants to stay traditional in every detail, but in any case, Older elecrtic motors are VERY heavily wound with Copper windings, usually the Rotor & the Stator, hence making them worth 3/4/5/ times more valuable than their equivalent weight in scrap iron/steel.

Your Motor pictured @ No.4 would appear to have variable pitch Brush Gear on to the commutator, if so when/if this is retarded, to give the slowest possible speed, it slaughters the electric, as you have already figured.? Good Luck.

I agree with Mick, the Kimble motors can work (and are sometimes quite attractive), but newer motors/controllers are much more user and facility friendly.

A. M. Thank you for your corroboration, yes machinery from a bygone age, whilst being attractive, is by to days standards very inefficient, providing you do not have to look at the electric meter.
Interested parties, perhaps look up, w. w. w. Mr. Jamison Hiner`s C. & P. Demo`d Running, Perhaps his accent might imply where he is situate.
Amazing sight, Good And frightening, in equal parts,? Watch the (probably) Kimble Motor, Arcing and Hunting on start up. Mick.

Thanks for the info, Mick on Monotype & AnonyMouse. I appreciate it!

I would keep using those variable speed motors. You’ll spend an arm and a leg to find something comparable. State-side I’ve hooked these motors up both 120v and 240v with no problem.

If the motors are drawing to much power, it might be that the motors need a good cleaning.

Whatever you decide, do not scrap those motors. There is printer out there somewhere that you love to have one.