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Hello everyone, can you guys recommend a reputable online store (US) where i can order jogger blocks? I’ve seen a bunch online but I just want to be sure that site isn’t a fraud. :)

image: jogger block grp.JPG

jogger block grp.JPG

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Why go to the trouble of all the On Line C***.
They are only (probably) Nylon blocks stuck with Glue
D.I.Y. is not rocket science,? I.E. visit your local wood shop or cabinet maker, acquire hardwood off cut(s) whatever size, glue and screw the upright(s) to suit, glue and screw 1” or thereabouts, (dowel rod) handle, from underneath, (screw countersunk of course) The face to contact the stock just a section from an ordinary (new/unused) Kitchen style Nylon chopping board, normally serrated/hatched one side, plain on the reverse, glued to the front contact face of The jogger.
The base lightly waxed, as in Surf Boards,???
The variations and satisfaction are limitless, the cost is miniscule.?

Sounds good Mick

Lasimp Thanks, Hope it helps the Good Buddy above but do not lay claim to the idea. Have just modified it downwards for local Revivalist/Hobby priinters.
A local upmarket Litho Printing chain, who run everything from H/berg Platen & Cylinder, Letterpress, (for cutting and creasing) up through 2 colour, 4 colour, right up to 10 colour Perfectors, of course, have a whole army (in different units) of Programmatic Guillotine,s, including Wohlenberg, Polar Mohr, etc. etc.
Full auto Machines, costing thousands of £/$s, implying that Jogger blocks could be bought-in, in hundreds per time, But the are not.??
They, the paymasters, are either very tight or very shrewd,!! consequently in virtually every case, the Jogger Blocks are sourced from the local Woodworking Machine shop on a barter basis, i.e. printed matter in exchange etc.
Blocks in 2 different forms, either machined from solid block Mahogany (waste) or compound block made from 10 ply Swedish block-board etc, glued up to form a brick sized Jogger, possibly 50/60/70, ply,s thick.
Not only works perfectly, but amazing sight, when made from several different colour Ply sections
The author is also known, (it is rumoured) to use a litlle bribery and corruption, to source Acetate sheet, from the in house plate-making dept, Litho plates, & Litho blankets, etc. All very useful to small L/press operations.
A dozen Doughnuts (U.K.) Donuts (U.S) left in the works Canteen, helps the lack of vision.

Mae West,s *quote* doesnt, work nowadays.???

The brand you show there is called a Jawhawk Jogger -

You can buy them direct at that link. They’re quite useful and inexpensive for what they are (in my opinion). If you’re not a handy enough craftsman to make your own, that is. (Mick is sorta right, but I do own a few of these and can attest to their quality and usefulness.

I’m not aware of any fradulent on-line sources for printing supplies in the U.S. And I’m not aware of any printing suppliers who do not have at least a web page presence.

I prefer pencils and paper, but I have caved into the need for computers and a web presence to sell our products, even jogger blocks. Support your suppliers or else pretty soon there will be no source for the bits and pieces needed for letterpress or the small printer. I help support the largest (RR Donnelley and the U.S. Gov’t Printing Office are my largest customers) down to the one person hobby printer. And the GPO still has hot metal and letterpress in the main plant in Washington, D.C. And I supply some items to British supply houses as well—buy a 12” line gauge from Caslon and see where it came from.

Fritz, didn’t see Jayhawks on your site until I really looked for them after you mentioned -

Here’s the link, in case anyone needs one. Personally would have bought mine from you had I realized.

Haven, that link doesn’t work for anyone but you, it seems. I got an error about having an invalid storeid value in the form. But the jogger blocks aren’t hard to find. They’re the 12th item down on the bindery page on NA Graphics store site.

Michael Hurley
Titivilus Press
Memphis, TN

Thanks everyone:) I’m not great at carpentry and I’d feel more confident getting those that are professionally made.