Printing on Neenah’s Blotter

Hi guys, I was trying to print some designs onto Neenah’s Blotter 17pt, Vellum finish.
But the ink doesn’t seem to bite into the stock. It kinda goes everywhere, similar to when trying to make a deep impression onto some coated stock. Coated stock prints beautiful with kiss impression, but deep impression messes up the sharpness. Does that make sense?

Any tips or suggestions are welcome.

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Hi Enrique-on Neenahs advice sheet it only refers to silkscreen and offset litho printing for this paper, and embossing,but not printing with embossing at the same time as far as I can see………..which infers ……..

Hey Enrique-

Try stiffening/upping the viscosity of your ink a bit yet?

I simply won’t print on it, at least anything that needs to be sharp. Too blotchy and inconsistent, to lay down a real solid you need tons of ink. Maybe some people have had success, but I avoid it.