Cropper Minerva Parts?

Willy C., (down under) Dont despair just yet, recently re-commisioned a Minerva, so am finding out fast the *ins & Outs* etc, yes they do seem to be made/cast, generally, from less than perfect, Cast?
In my case the main Stanchion legs that carry the Bed proper, that swing(s) from the axis, low down were/was busted a long time ago, but welded successfully so far so good.? Just repro`d a forme of newly cast type, about 65% of total impression capacity.

Purely by chance, coincidence or maybe my God was with me, I was pointed in the direction of another Minerva, being Broken for spares with good usable main stanchion, (bed frame) unfortunately situate in our Scottish borders, 1,000 miles round trip, I will be collecting eventually, along with Monotype equipment.
It has not been ascertained if the cam wheel and shaft is available, and would probably be Telephone numbers to ship anyway.!
Just as a, probably futile, exercise weigh your assembly, & post on B.P. or off line, for a basic assessment of Shipping cost(s) Stranger things are still happening.!!

@ 740 miles (ish) it would still have been a relatively long way from Helensville in the North Island to Invercargil** in the South Island, to see Descendants of Invercargill,s favourite Son.
I.E. Prototype cast and machined while you wait. Brew of tea from the cooling tank optional.

**And I quote, one “l” to save on the Ink. ??? Good Luck.

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Bear in mind I live near the Scottish Border. Let me know if I can help with any stuff you need shifting. And I have a Merc Vito van I’ve just got.

Here is an update, the cam wheel has been repaired! The very capable blacksmith at the MOTAT museum has reinstated a “lost cause” to better than new! So, I am back on track with the restoration…

image: ScreenHunter_05 Aug. 10 18.51.jpg

ScreenHunter_05 Aug. 10 18.51.jpg