Help needed for a 10x15 Heidelberg

I had a small problem on the Heidelberg at work…I locked it up on impression, when I went to push the release tab to back it up….there was NO release tab. The serial number is T 183 568 E. It is a newer model with lock out rollers and factory heat plate for foil or embossing. Is it possible that this particular model wouldn’t have that option?

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all model platens have this release mechanism to wind the machine backwards, is it possible that you cant see/locate it because it is covered in grease, oil, ink. if you do manage to wind the press backwards only go the minimum you need to go to release it, DO NOT reverse a full revolution of the press it will damage the gripper mechanism.

Nope, it’s not there on this press. I looked in the parts manual and it showed the expanded view and parts, but it didn’t show the release tab It shows everything else…and every other Heidelberg platen I have had the pleasure of operating has it. I sent an email to Whittenburg, but they have not replied.

I was the mechanic that used to work at Whittenburg, is there any chance you could take a picture, if you are unable to wind the press backwards there has to be something of the mechanism there.

Release tab aside… If you still need to unlock the press, I believe you can loosen the cover for the shear-collar and get the press off-impression, after which the press should roll forward (re-instate the cover, of course).

I had a similar problem and did the same thing. Back off on the pressure as much as possible and try to move it forward or back a little. It should unlock.

Hope this helps.