Challenge 15MP Uneven impression

Hi all,
I normally run a 10x15 C&P OS, and have recently acquired a Challenge 15MP. I am getting to know her, and already have an issue that I can’t seem to resolve… Forgive me if this is too many details, I don’t know what’s crucial at this point.

I’m running it dry this morning with 220 Lettra, my well loved deep boxcar base (b/c that’s what I have) + a new KF152 plate. There is a metal plate to bring the galley height up to type high. I put fresh packing in this morning, and perfectly centered it and pulled it nice and tight.

Problem: The impression is fading off entirely on one side. See image attached.

Already tried: flipping the plate around, which simply reversed where the fade happened. Pulling the galley metal plate thingie out and put regular paper under the base to see if somehow the sheet of metal was off (same results).

If this was my platen I’d know what to adjust. I’m stumped! Is it possible something got damaged in transit? Am I missing something entirely stupid and obvious?

Super glad I didn’t ink up or I’d be blaming the rollers and going out of my mind in the wrong direction. [caveat, i’m already a little crazy, but aren’t we all? :-) ]

Thanks in advance,

image: ChallengeChallenge.png


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Sounds like your impression bearings need to be set. There are 6 bearings (3 per side) you can adjust on their eccentric cams, 1 adjustable one rides on the top track, the other two on the bottom of the track. The bottom ones are the ones that hold the cylinder down when on impression.
Put the press on print (as opposed to trip) and put the cylinder in the middle of the bed, then feel the bearings or visually inspect them. I think you’ll find that the ones on the light impression side will be hanging down lower.

Thank you! I will check that as soon as I can get back into the studio. You’re the best!

That totally worked. Thank you! I knew it had to be something simple :-)