Hot foil tabletop stamping machine

Hi there,

Can anyone recommend a reliable and affordable hot foil tabletop stamping machine that uses metal-backed photopolymer plates?


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I own a used Kingsley hot foil tabletop stamping machine which was purchased for $400 (cdn) last March. I can lock in a maximum size of 4x6 but have yet to do anything larger than text or graphics for a business card.

I’ve had some luck using photopolymer plates but I found that magnesium dies or Kingsley type conduct and transfer the heat better while leaving a much nicer impression.

I find that the photopolymer plates require a higher temperature to print with and that thin strokes (<1pt.) were inconsistent when proofing.

I should mention that my photopolymer plates were not metal-backed but rather double sided taped to a block of aluminum using a high heat mounting tape.

Hope this helps.

i have one here you can buy. i would let it go for $100.00 plus shipping. you have to manually draw the foil but it heats and works. email if interested

Thank you for the info, Andrew!

Eric, can you send me a link to the same type of machine you’re selling? Where are you located? Any idea what shipping would cost? Thanks!