Perfection Printing Press No. 605

Hey all,

I picked up a Perfection Printing Press No. 605 (chase size 1-5/8” x 2-3/4”), manufactured by the Wilkins Toy Company, a while back. I’ve recently been trying to find a suitable replacement for the ink disc and roller. I was hoping that someone here has a complete Perfection Press and could maybe provide some images so I can get a better understanding of the ink disc and roller.

If anyone has one, or possibly has any information about the press, besides what is in “Personal Impressions: The Small Printing Press in Ninteenth Century America”, it would be greatly appreciated. My cats have expressed interest in learning how to print, and I think this would be a great beginning press for them to learn with.

Here’s an external link to some images:



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Here’s an image for those not wanting to click an external link (to my blog)

image: Perfection.jpg