Letterpress Weekly Roundup

I’ve started a new weekly column on my blog featuring the latest letterpress news and happenings from the past week. I thought you all might be interested in taking a peek. If anyone has any hot tips or exciting news please be sure to contact me through briarpress or on my blog.


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Those Hatch posters are even uglier than usual.

One good Vibe, One not so good.
(Positive/) Re the legs very interesting and eye catching , 8 out of 10 for courage, but it aint new, hit Google, key in Duke of York,s Picture House Brighton, U.K. enlarge the picture of the Facade, look familiar.?
Slight differences, apart from the colour scheme and 45 degrees clockwise rotation, generally viewed from passenger Trains on the Viaduct, 150 feet above and 150 yards distant.

(Negative) Re the items up for auction, (sort of verifying, that at least one has bothered to look) just one but several more, unspecified, the items described as Slug Cutters, aint, they are in fact miitering devices,

2 on E bay as of now.

Good luck with your concept above.

With any luck, you have Stateside, the equivalent of our S.A.S..Motto, “Qui Audet Adipiscutur”

Mick, the legs are most likely referencing Wicked Witch imagery, being Halloween cards. Specifically, the old Wizard of Oz movie. Of course the visual isn’t new! It’s still a very well printed and fun card. Though if I ever get a chance to visit Brighton, I’d love to check out the Duke of York’s, so thanks for the reference!

And yes, Paul at Bindery Tools isn’t always great at labeling things. He’s still got some great equipment in that auction.

On another note completely, I love that glow-in-the-dark calendar! Too bad it would be on the order of $75 US with shipping and conversion. Whoof. Oh, and where did you buy the glow-in-the-dark ink you mention?

Michael Hurley
Titivilus Press
Memphis, TN

Michael, thank you for your post, Yes I appreciate that the idea is from some time ago.
I was just hoping that Sarah, above, had just possibly unearthed a special post card from a little while ago, posted from Brighton to friends Stateside.

Special post card in that, the concept has dissapeared of late, whereby the Post Cards, plural, are/were produced in Concertina form. Blocks of ten ish, One series included the Picture house, Duke of Yorks, Facade/Legs
The Picture House is claimed to be the oldest Cinema in continuous use in Britain

The best view of The Cinema etc is from the Rebuilt Span, atop the viaduct, blown up by the German fighter bombers.
Supposedly looking for one of many factories Nationwide that had been turned over to Munitions Manufacture.

In the case of Brighton, one of our such Factories was turned over to the manufacture of Oerlikon Cannon parts, factory was probably one of the Targets.
It was also, perhaps a little two early for Your Mustangs and Thunderbolts to escort them back across the channel, or into it.!!!
Our gratitude for your help is still offered.
Is it documented anywhere Stateside, how many Printers, as Servicemen paid THE price.

Apologies also I misread the auction items, as to who was the Seller, too keen to check out the specifications of the machines. Thanks again.

The weekly round-up is a welcome idea - many thanks for publicising it.

I was impressed with the three colour register of the legs - more ambitious than I’d be!

Mick, I hadn’t thought of the concertina postcards. Yes, that would be a fun thing to find. I think, though, that those had mostly fallen out of favor before the legs were installed. My reading online says they were first placed on the balcony of the venerable building in 1991, and not moved to the roof until 1995. Still, it would be a nifty collection of postcards, if it exists.

TFP, yes, the registration is very good, especially as there appears to be some black shading on the green to give the appearance of depth. Very nice work!

Michael Hurley
Titivilus Press
Memphis, TN

thanks for all the feedback! I really got a kick out of those legs in Brighton.

@mephits The ink was part of a lot I got from a local print shop that went out of business a few years ago. I tried to find the can yesterday and of course it has gone into hiding. Once I find it I will let you know where it was from.

Sarah, glad you appreciated offerings from Glorious downtown Brighton. U.K.
Our/The legs really are eye catching, the trains are cranking in to Brighton Station over the viaduct which has a very severe curve/radius, on the top of the Arches.

Initially first time visitors are panicking, because the bogies are squealing in protest, so they look out of the windows on the inner curve to see if the track is collapsing, and then forget, when they see “The Legs”

There was a side issue as well, up to a point, it seems that quite often, posts are entered with interesting, unusual, eye catching, items.
Too often they are dismissed with the one liners, by those that have not actually read the accompanying spiel.
Hence the odd little nudge often gets a better hearing, hopefully my effort has achieved this, in part.

Your M. H. out of Memphis, has taken the time to check it out and hopefully attracted more attention on your behalf.!

There is locally a small newly refurbished museum, being assembled .
By default? I got elected to put the L/press printing dept together.

Would happenings, developments, progress reports, items for identification etc., be of any use to your Web Page.

Since 1954 I have salted away quite a good amount of L/press related Happenings, stories, anecdotes, troubles, etc. and given the opportunity you will love the one about the 2 Ladies threatening The Staff (print shop) about being “Scabs and Strike breakers” when in actual fact it was Technically a Lock out by the Master Printers, the keys were hanging on the outside wall, the factory was never locked anyway, and the entire staff was sitting in the sun, just nipping in to the tea machine now and then.

I was personally threatened by a Fine “Blue Rinse” lady with a very big umbrella.
Ditchling Press Sussex U.K. probably verifiable from Press archives, mid to late 70,s “Master Printers lock out”
Hilarious part “b” if requested and the evidence is still there.!!

Again Good Luck. Mick.

Mick- thank you and I would like to be updated on your museum endeavor.

Sarah, Thank you also, have messaged you via B.P. just so that you may decipher my ramblings, and include or omit anything that is appropriate, or otherwise.