Ornament Identification

I recently acquired some ornaments that I would like to identify. The party oriented, and the flame ornaments are European, and have been milled down to .918. The small Troyer-like ornaments were cast .918. I appreciate any help.


image: UnknownOrnaments.JPG


image: EuroOrnaments_2.JPG


image: EuroOrnaments_1.JPG


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The top batch (“Unknown”) are from Typefoundry Amsterdam and are called December Ornaments in their 1960 type specimen book.

I cannot source the others.

Thanks Kenneth, I suspected they might be, given the wooden shoe ornament, but they do not have the customary ‘ta’ logo on them.

And here’s the page from their 1960 catalogue showing the full set - in 12 point, 24 point & 36 point: a very nice little collection!

I’ll keep looking for the others …

image: Ornaments.jpg


If they would have a pin mark, it would have been LA, from Lettergieterij Amsterdam, and not TA. As far as I know, very few founts from Lettergieterij Tetterode had pin marks on them. Some of them relate to the feast of Saint ~Nicolas, on the 5th of December, the wooden shoe, the bunch of branches (accessory of Black Peter), the apple and the heart (spice bread).The last set might be German, French or British, seeing the turkey, the champagne and the bells. Christmas has never been celebrated a lot in the Netherlands in the past.

Looking at the ornaments today I did find that the 24 point snowflake does have a faint ‘ta’ pin-mark, although the 36 point ornaments have none. Thanks for posting the full showing Kenneth. I was able to identify the fir sprig as one of the set; it has a circle with a single vertical line as a pin-mark.