Inquiry for Press Identification

Hello There!

I think I know quite something about Heidelbergs windmills and cylindres but regarding old presses I really don’t.

Can you tell me what press this is? My father bought it many years ago and since then it is in the entrance of our company. Now that we use it for printing again, I’ld love to know more about it and need a spare (handle was broken by freight forwarder, grrr.).

Any hint is highly appreciated!


image: IMG_5335.jpeg


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I believe it is called a Boston Tiegel because it is a not-exact copy of the Golding Official press made in Boston USA. But I don’t know what company made it, though I believe it is German. You should be able to have the handle repaired, especially if the break is near the stirrup handle as it appears, where there would be less stress.


Having 3 rollers it looks very much a Boston Tiegel made by Emil Kahle, Maschinenfabrik, Leipzig - PAUNSDORF.

Thank you very much! I knew it would take you just a few hours ;-)

I have a completely restored Emil Kahle and it looks a bit different from this one. It may be a different model by the same manufacturer. While restoring mine, I found that each part was stamped “E K 16” which I assume is the serial number for each part (mine being the 16th machine). If you can find the “E K” stamp on any part it must be an Emil Kahle.

image: kahle.jpg


i agree the casting looks like an emil kahle made in leipzig probaby the best avaiable could also be a hohner.german made as well
i also have a emil kahle with mecanism that i havent seen in any other press

Struck with blindness…
Today I found the following on the lever turning the dish: “BF 12 EK”, so it must be made an Emil Kahle, no doubt.

As No. 16 already has the large ink fountain it seems logic the mine has this neat ink fountain below the dish.

@kantzila: do you know what year your press was made?
Is there any documents you or anybody else has regarding these machines?