Kelsey 5x8 roller trucks

I just ordered new rollers and trucks for my Kelsey 5x8 and noticed that they are metal. Is wearing down the rails not a concern for smaller presses. The ones I have for my 8x12 C&P are plastic.

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Presumably, the rollers originally provided with the press would have been metal (steel), the plastic rollers are simply a modern convenience.

Considering the size of runs one would be producing on a Kelsey, I can’t imagine the wear to be anything to worry about. They are rolling after all.

Do make sure to oil them where they roll on the roller cores, though. This is where the ‘self lubricating’ properties of plastic are a benefit.

Correction. I’m being stupid. The rollers don’t roll on the cores.

“This is where the ‘self lubricating’ properties of plastic are a benefit.”
Where do I purchase these self lubricating plastic trucks?

Plastic bearings are generally considered to not require lunrication. Are you related to Laurence/forme?

not just any plastic, Dupont Delrin, good wear resistance and frictional behaviour of DELRIN® acetal often enables the use of a standard grade of DELRIN® without any internal or external lubrication. that’s what I use for motorized presses not really needed on hand presses some say looks cheap to, it cost more then steel.