motor on emil kahle letterpress

hi what do you think about this.
i have a beast of a motor 2hp that i atached to the press with a 3 way pulley that allows 3 fixed speeds. that runs 3 phase380v at i want to change this motor to run it on regular single phase 220v ive camed across a industrial sewing machine motor but only 1/2hp 1440rpm that runs on 220v with clutch so i have variable mecanic speed that interfaces with apedal of a sewing machine i was thinking that i could tense this without the pedal and regulate different speeds manually without need of several pulleys ,my main concern is the hps what is the minimum to run this heavy press i suppose about 800kg very similar to the colt armory press.

image: motor.jpg


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emil kahle press

image: emil kahle.jpg

emil kahle.jpg

From little hard earned experience, it would seem that although the idea is good, you are *flogging the proverbial Dead Horse*.
If you are implying that your Press is akin to Colt armory, weight wise, the minimum capacity Motor would need to be at least 1&1/2 H.P. if not more.
I base this on the the fact that I recently attached a very similar motor .i. e. English Crompton Parkinson Single Phase 1/3rd H.P. 220/240 v. 1425 R.P.M. 2.2 Amps rated Continuous cycle to an Adan T.P. 48

Ex industrial Sewing Machine, with nest of 3 pulleys & Clutch operated normally via a Knee Pad @ operators right knee.
Now working the Adana T.P. 48 perfectly, converted from treadle.

But the main point being that the Flywheel on that machine weighs exactly 56 Lbs alone!

In initial experiment(s) I powered the machine up “direct on” without the clutch, it just tripped out an overload relay trying to spin the flywheel.

I contend that calculations, Power to Weight should give good pointers in your case.
A buddy here in U.K. still uses a Victoria/Kobold Style Parallel approach Platen, similar in weight to yours, presumably.
In its original use it was in a commercial factory and ran with a 3 H.P. 3 phase motor, but had to be started via a bank of resistors to “wind it up” progressively.
It is now running with a modern Single Phase motor 230/240 V. Capacitor start etc, 2 H.P., but still could not be started with the machine, in the Run position… . Good Luck.

I’m not familiar with the press, but by the look of it, I say the entire press weighs at least as much as a big Heidelberg 13x18 ( 4600lbs) and the flywheel maybe heavier. I’d consider not less than 3HP.

Good as those new motors look they are not good for power needed to turn heavy steel, when you put tork on them they turn slower then they want and heat up fast. If it is lack of 3 phase you need, these small static phase converters work good for up to 3 hp motors. Instructions look a little intimidating but US set up 2- 110 lines and a ground in and 3 live wires out to your motor, they also have a low voltage cut off if you want to run a emergency stop button to your press.

image: motor 016.jpg

motor 016.jpg

hi thanx for the replies that was my guess as well it is to heavy for the poor chinese in the picture i did like the idea of variable speed and the teco box could do it but costs almost the same as a new motor 2hp single phase .mick the press is actually a copy of the colt press with some improvements such as clutch intead of break stops instantly with no friction you can leave the rollers up in case you diecut and you can lift all the rollers so that they dont suffer any contact between them.and the victoria is why i bought this one as victoria was my first press.I am not sure about the weight but yes it could be heavier but when i move it by hand it offers the same resitence as a regular 10x15 heidelberg.once in motion its actually very light.

Any idea where to find another one? :-P

havenpress another press or motor?


(I’ve long wished to own a handfed parallel platen, in a larger format like 14x22 or even bigger. Yours looks to be in pretty darn good shape once you get the motor sorted. I’m a little green I’ll admit!)

yes she is a real beauty it took me 10 years to find her and she is in very good shape no missing parts besides the tables and very powerfull.i havent seen another one like this she might be the very last in the whole world