Quieten a Heidelberg Platen


does anyone have any advice on making a 10x15 platen as quiet as possible.

The loudest parts are the pump and the ink drum. Mainly the pump though.

Is there any way, other than not running the press, to quieten these parts.


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I have never really noticed much noise from the ink drum but I have taken and tied a rag around the release valve at the top of the air pump….that takes some of the curse off the pump air noise.

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G’day Leftarmletterpress;

I’ve been waiting for more folks to chime in —- especially the ones who have some knowledge. I, too, have some issues around a noise that ‘appears’ to be coming from the ink drum. It sounds like a metallic grinding although I don’t know that that is what it is, and it has a rhythm to it that doesn’t seem to coincide with any particular movement. I don’t know if that is what you’re knowing. I really know little about this press. I’m just figuring it out after saving it from the dump a year ago. I’ve cleaned it up but have had little real opportunity to use it….just kind of picking it up on my own….db

as far as the ink drum oil it ..the pump is part of the music

Ink drums are noisy.

The gears on a T-platen are straight-cut, not helical, including the gear on the ink drum… the open ended drum is resonant and amplifies that gear noise.

Google around for youtube vids on the T-platen and you may notice many having similar noises.

I have my presses in the garage which is attached to the house. I know many of these presses make a lot of different noises but I was having the bass noise being very loud in the house. I did a lot of insulating in the walls but the bass sound (not from the air pump) still got through into the house probably through the floor. I installed these pads on my 13 x 18 and there was a huge difference in noise. The bass sound is almost gone. I don’t know why but even the air pump seems to be quieter. (happy wife)
So I bought another set for my 10 x 15 and just installed them yesterday. Don’t know the results yet.

This company has a lot of different dampening pads and noise reducing stuff.


image: press pads.jpg

press pads.jpg