Pearl White Lettra vs Bright White Savoy

Hey all,

I just wanted to see if someone had both Savoy papers and Lettra papers in their shop. I have a client who likes the Pearl White Color, but we want to use Savoy paper (I think it prints better). The problem is I don’t currently have any Savoy in the shop to compare the colors. I think Bright White may be their match to Lettra’s Pearl (Whereas Brilliant Savoy=Fluorescent Lettra, and Natural Savoy=Ecru Lettra). Can anyone see these two papers side my side and tell me if that would be the right color to order?

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Here’s a pix of the Savoy swatch book and the Lettra book side by side. Clearly in real life the Savoy Natural is the match for Lettra Pearl White.
Good luck with your project.

File too big.
Will adjust and send in a minute.

Here’s the pix.

image: IMG_0059.jpg


Reich Savoy natural white is just a shade creamier than Lettra pearl white, but much closer to Lettra pearl white than to Lettra ecru.

I have not found much difference in printability between Lettra and Savoy. Lettra is more widely available, with more envelope options, and with a wider range of paper colors than Savoy, so those differences have informed my paper choices.

If the client likes Lettra pearl white, I would print on that.

Matt Kelsey

Thank you very much! I was able to get this order in today, so I’m sure my client will be happy.

Hi Panthera Press,
I’m in the same boat at the moment, and I’m wondering if you found that the savoy natural white matched lettra pearl white when you ordered it? Did it work out? I need the euro flap envelopes for invitations that I already printed on lettra and now just need the envelope to match.

Anyway, how’d it work out? Did it match?

Thanks so much for your help.



Yes, the pearl white was a very very close match to the Savoy Natural. The prints turned out great and the client was very pleased.