24 Point Type Font Identification

Does anyone know what this font is called and who designed it?

image: IMG_0683.JPG


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Here is another view of it.

image: 757834883.jpg


I think it’s Caslon Openface, shown in McGrew p. 72.


Cochin Open, almost certainly, with those short descenders and small lower case x-height. Designed by Sol Hess for Monotype, but all the Cochins based the on French design. See McGrew, p. 97.

Compare the cap “J” barely visible in the first photo. McGrew did say the Caslon Openface, by BB&S, (which they originally called “College Oldstyle”) was closer to Cochin, but BB&S wanted to group it with Caslon.


Here is a better picture of the “J”

image: 969696978011.jpg


I found some interesting information about this font in that Barnhart Brothers & Spindler worked this from the French designed font “Le Moreau-Le-Jeune” to work with the American point system of heights and sizes.

I assume it also has a BB&S pin mark? Or is it later, cast under the auspices of ATF? BB&S was just about the last holdout of the “Type Trust”.


Okay, Bob, you (and BB&S) win. The lower case t is also a tip-off, and of course the pin mark and foundry casting would clinch the identification. There are many showings of this face in BB&S’s wonderful last catalogue, 25-A, pages 79-85, if you can find a copy. The 1926 price list shows 24 pt u&lc for $7.80. Eat your heart out.


ATF’s Caslon Openface 1571, which is the BB&S face, was still available from the foundry in 12 to 24 pt up until 1993. I still have some new stock available, though not complete fonts, in 12, 14, 18, and 24 pt. ATF added the series number to the lowercase m in the space above the character and to the cap H inside the letter under the cross bar. The photos show some dings to a few of the characters in this sample. I am presently printing a certificate using a line of 30 pt Caslon Openface.