I am looking to sell a whole load of type and Adana 8X5 which belonged to my late father. I wondered if there was any individuals or organisations who might be able to give a valuation. If any colleagues know of any, preferable in Bristol/Southern United Kingdom, I would be appreciative

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best bet is to phone Caslon, or check out for a comparable analysis , for the going rate……

other companies buy at lower price/ then sell as well, you’ll see the info on ebay.

Hi Frank,
You’d need a list and some photos for a valuation, condition is king.
There are lots of buyers on eBay for Adanas and type as jonathan pointed out.
A good 8 x 5 with rollers should fetch around £350 at the moment, the prices went up but have levelled out now at that mark. However a full set up for the right person in your area should give you a fair price.

Call Caslon (based inSt Albans) and ask for Roy…