Anyone use an electric desktop Creaser/Scorer?

Hi - I’m looking at this type of desktop creaser/scorer to free up using the press for this. Anyone had any luck with these? Specifically on 110lb lettra or similar paper?

Thank you!

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do you have a guillotine?

I use this for short runs of scoring. It does a good job but you have to be careful.

I found this hilarious little device in the thrift store for $6 - seems home built or something. It appears to have scoring rule in it and a rubber back strip. It doesn’t create a true channel score, but it actually works fine and I’ve used it on heavy heavy papers. For big jobs I score on press, but my table scorer actually works great and produces similar enough results if i’m not trying to score 100’s. I usually use it for greeting cards when I’m only scoring a few at a time as I prep sets for sale.
I hate scoring on 100lb lettra though - it will never fold nicely no matter what you do. It will fold fine the first time, but then when you unfold (as you would to open a greeting card) it cracks or looks crinkled an unattractive. You probably already know that, just voicing my distaste for scoring it. I’d try and convince the client to pick a lighter weight paper.

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I have one of those Blizzardprint linked to, it does the job but isn’t fast. :)

A plus is that they have two different channel-profiles if you need a sharper fold for thinner stocks.

Per Phase4’s question: How would you score on a guillotine?

One way I’ve done it in a pinch-Jog stack into nice squared pile,
set back gauge so clamp is a straight line, clamp down lightly or w/no knife, bone folder across top sheet- loosen clamp, remove top sheet, set aside, repeat with sheet below. Helps if you’re using light clamp pressure and have a clamping pad on your clamp.

jonsel how to score on a guillotine
hold the clamp down tape a steelrule against it if you dont have a steelrule you can also use some chipboard heavy paper. adjust your backgauge acording to your crease line put the sheet you want to score squared on the guillotine and press the clamp down, very fast and simple. For multiple scores just move your backgauge.
Remember not to cut with the actual blade as you will damage it.

Hi guys - thanks for your comments. I do have a guillotine and I have looked at manual scores/creasers like the one that blizzardprint linked to - and probably works very much like the homemade one Panthera scored.

I’m particularly interested in an electric one, like the one I posted for speed and ease. I don’t mind scoring on the press so much, I just hate having to take the rollers on and off, which is a hard job for one small person.

Any other feedback on electric creasers would be awesome.

BTW - I actually really dislike lettra for greeting cards and have moved to a similar weight cotton paper that is not as soft. It doesn’t crack when opening and closing and I love it, but I don’t think it’s common so I referenced lettra just to give an idea of the weight of paper I’m using.

Thanks again!.

PantheraP- that’s an interesting little machine you found. somebody put a lot of effort into building it. It looks to me like the design has some promise…… hhhmmmm….

If it’s not scoring cleanly, try replacing the rubber strip with newer or harder material, OR maybe even a little strip of wood grooved with a fine saw-blade. that may help.

Valpo- i’m with you on the Letra for Cards thing. It’s ok for some things, but greeting card stock it ain’t.

as i see it on the elctric machine you mention you still need to feed the sheets one by one and the flimsy side guides will not give you square creasing lines ending up in trash.