Locking-up angled body metal type

I recently acquired a galley of 36 pt angled body type (which I think is Bodoni Black Italic - please feel free to correct me!:). I was able to print one phrase with it, and it locked up fine using the angled spacers, so I thought I understood it. However, when I went to lock up my second time, I just couldn’t get it solid enough not to have bits falling out when I tilted the chase. Is there some trick I’m not aware of? I tried and tried to search Google and Briar Press about this, and found almost nothing about this kind of type. Is it not very common? I included a couple of photos - thanks!

image: image.jpg


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LEHovarth, you also have to use the little angled spaces to create a right angle for your lock up. best james

James - those are the triangular spaces that come in right/left pairs? I actually did use them, both times, being careful to make sure I had the right-angled sides placed correctly at the beginnings and ends of lines. However, that second time as I said, it just wouldn’t get solid enough.

LEHovarth, well then after you’ve got them paired justify the
line with copper or brass’ and that should do it. best james

I will keep trying. Thanks, James. - Lydia Horvath

You can’t use brass or copper thin spaces within the line of angled type anchored at each end by a starting/ending space. The line length has to be long enough to add extra spacing to get a tight line on either side of the angled type depending on how the line is set—flush left, right, or centered. Then brass and coppers can be used if necessary, and this is assuming the type is set in a composing stick and meets the standard test for tightness when set in a stick. If you’re not using a composing stick, then good luck.

I am using a composing stick; guess I need to replenish my supply of brass and copper thins in this size! How much extra space on the ends would you aim for? -Lydia Horvath

LEHorvarth, yes you need coppers & brass’ for all your sizes,and yes always tight in the stick. I see sloppy lock ups
all over the internet “Type rocking on there feet” best james

My suggestion would be to set whatever you wish to set using only the angled spacers and quads made for this 36 point font. You can also set individual words, with the angled end spacers at the beginning and end of each word, and space between and at the end of the lines with regular 36 point quads and spacing. You can then tighten up the lines with thin spaces inserted between the regular spaces between words and at the ends of the lines. You will need a pair of the angled spaces for each word, so you are limited by the quantity of those. You can of course set two words together with angled word spacing if you have it, instead of the angle end spaces. You also need 6 point slugs between lines to prevent the angled bodies from slipping out of line with the lockup pressure.


Good to know, Bob - thanks! -Lydia

For final justification you might use paper stock (such as index) rather than copper and brass thins. It will bend without resistance.