Pilot/Craftsmen/Tabletop press

Hello, I have a Craftsmen 61/2x10 and just acquired a Craftsmen Monarch 9x12. When printing on my smaller press as the platen meets the bed and the image mounted to my base the press is not fully engaged. In other words if you depress a bit more pressure the wrms will close tightly and give a little extra flex and impression to my images . I don’t know if anyone knows what I am describing but it will close and then there’s a little extra sweet spot that sinks the design in cleanly. Now to my point. I was trying to adjust the platen and find that similar action on my Monarch(the larger press). It meets fine but there’s no almost closed position and then the extra final rest point. Almost like a cam that slips into place after meeting almost flush and then locks in till you release the arm. I have adjusted the platen every which way and was wondering if someone might offer up a suggestion. Thanks,London

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