Summer Monotype Casting Workshop

Introduction to Typecasting and Monotype Composition
Michael Bixler
as part of the Wells Book Arts Summer Institute

This course offers the unique opportunity to learn typecasting at one of the last remaining hot metal Monotype shops in North America. Students will use the Monotype keyboard, composition caster and the Monotype Supercaster to cast their own text and/or a case of type, including fonts of ornaments. This course will be of particular value to letterpress printers who want to experience the full gamut of metal type, from keyboarding, to type casting, to pulling proofs. Please visit the Bixlers’ website at to see specimens of the many Monotype faces available, or call Michael at 315-685-5181 to discuss questions. Students will live at Wells and commute to & from Skaneateles in Wells vans. Limited to six students; no experience in casting required, but letterpress printing experience preferred.

download the Summer Institute PDF here

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