How can I make a Kelsey 3x5 gripper bar spring?

I am missing a gripper bar spring for a Kelsey 3x5. What can I substitute for it from my typical Home Depot, Lowes, or local Ace Hardware shop? All wire I can think of bend easily without the “spring” action these have.

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Ask for a length of music wire that will fit into the hole found at or near the center of the gripper bar. It will be a challenge for you to bend it correctly without a simple jig, if you are looking to replicate the original profile on the end… which locks to the bar. I am assuming you have a latter model 3 x 5. I photo of your press would help to determine which spring end style is needed. If you are simply interested in function bend the end to 90 degrees with a tail of about a 1/4” long and you will be good to go.


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Ace has a good wire in 12” lengths by the steel rod, I have rebuild kits on Etsy craft web sight for them to.

Outstanding! I went to my local Ace Hardware (AKA mom and pop hardware store after a useless trip to Home Depot) and sure-enough I found exactly what I needed! $3 well spent! Thanks for the advice!