best place for roller restoration

Where do you like to get your rollers restored? I’ve been given 2 and one is in pretty bad shape. Figured I’d ask a bunch of experienced folk before I tried my hand at the ol’ world wide web. Thanks in advance!

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If you want composition rollers, I have been extremely pleased with the work of Tarheel Roller at Owner David Hauser is a pleasure to work with and can make just about anything that is roller-related. He is a letterpress printer too, and understands the ins and outs of pressmanship.

Jim DiRisio
The Norlu Press
Fayetteville, NC

If you want rubber rollers I have them all new for most presses or I can put rubber on the old cores. see my reputation on E-bay. You may also click on my name here

Depending on the press, you might just need entirely new rollers. C&P presses have really simple cores, so it actually costs less to have new ones made than to ship the old ones and have them cleaned and re-roller’d.

My rollers came from NA Graphics. Fritz is a stand-up dude, and is always a pleasure to deal with.

Hey thanks everyone! I’m going to check out all these suggestions. Way easier than just googling ‘C&P roller restoration’ and getting 7 million hits on the internet.

I use Rollcraft in Cumberland, RI, because I’m on the East coast and he does a terrific job. 401-334-0277, Ask for Jim.