Golding Official no 6 Questions

I have a Golding Official no 6. It is in pieces right now and I’m not sure that I have all of the parts. There is a number stamped under where the ink disk would go that says “1927”. Would anyone have any information that may help me out? I understand it isn’t easy to place a value on something that you don’t know what it looks like. I am looking to find out the age of it too.

Thank you for any information that can be given.

God bless,

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If the number is stamped on the surface of the bed at the top center, it would be the serial number. There is a list of serial numbers that would give you the date of manufacture, but that won’t help with parts. Perhaps you can lay all the parts out together on a plain surface and photograph them, and post the photo here, so someone can tell if there is anything important missing. Hopefully the chase is one of the parts you have.


Yes, the number is stamped on the bed. Do you know where I can look up the serial number?

I will have to get some time and photograph what I have. I know that I have two chases.

Thank you for your help.